Appeals Committee

The Graduate Council Appeals Committee hears graduate petitions for variances from established policies, requests from graduate program directors for exceptions to graduate policies and procedures, and other cases as referred to the committee (i.e. Golden Rules 5.016 and 5.017 after being reviewed at the Program and College levels).

Refer to the Faculty Constitution, Bylaws Section VII.B for the responsibilities and membership of the Graduate Appeals Committee.

Graduate students wishing to submit graduate petitions to graduate policies should do using the Petition Form. Questions about this process should be submitted to [email protected].

Graduate Student Appeals of Golden Rules 5.016 and 5.017

Graduate students, faculty, and staff who are interested in learning about these appeals processes should review the following Golden Rules:

Golden Rule 5.016 (Grade Appeal)

When a graduate student is pursuing a formal grade appeal at the College level (outlined in 5.016 4) a-b), the following form should be completed  Graduate 5.016 Golden Rule Appeal

Golden Rule 5.017 (Appeals of Graduate Program Actions or Decisions).

When a graduate student is pursuing an appeal of a graduate program action or decision (outlined in 5.017 4) a – f), the following form should be completed Graduate 5.017 Golden Rule Appeal

Questions about this process should be submitted to [email protected].

Appeals Committee Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date and TimeSubmit DateMinutes
09/08/2022 01:30 pm - ZOOM 08/26/2022Minutes
09/22/2022 01:30 pm - ZOOM 09/09/2022Minutes
10/06/2022 01:30 pm - ZOOM 09/23/2022Minutes
11/03/2022 01:30 pm - ZOOM 10/21/2022Minutes
11/17/2022 01:30 pm - ZOOM 11/03/2022Minutes
12/01/2022 01:30 pm - ZOOM 11/18/2022Minutes
02/02/2023 11:30 am - Zoom 01/20/2023Minutes
02/16/2023 11:30 am - ZOOM 02/03/2023Minutes
03/02/2023 11:30 am - ZOOM 02/17/2023Minutes
03/23/2023 11:30 am - ZOOM 03/10/2023Minutes
04/06/2023 11:30 am - ZOOM 03/24/2023Minutes
04/20/2023 11:30 am - ZOOM 03/24/2023
06/15/2023 02:00 pm - ZOOM 06/01/2023
07/20/2023 02:00 pm - ZOOM 06/29/2023

Meetings will be held from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Spring Break is March 13 – March 19
** Please be aware that additional meetings may be scheduled in cases that involve student grievances:
• UCF Golden Rule 5.016 (grade appeals)
• UCF Golden Rule 5.017 (grievances of program actions or decisions)
**Thursday – January 26
**Thursday – February 9
**Thursday – February 23

Appeals Committee Members

‡ denotes a faculty senate steering committee member
* denotes a faculty senate member
Business Administration
Vice Chair
Graduate Studies
Ex Officio
Graduate Studies
Health Professions and Sciences
Hospitality Management
Arts & Humanities
Business Administration
Community Innovation and Education
Optics & Photonics
Engineering & Computer Science
Engineering & Computer Science